Unfurnished [adjective]

Definition of Unfurnished:

without covering or content

Synonyms of Unfurnished:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfurnished:

Sentence/Example of Unfurnished:

There were two or three unfurnished rooms on the second floor.

Most of the rooms were unfurnished, but none the less Holmes inspected them all minutely.

The house was not empty, in the sense that it was unfurnished.

He had indeed a house, but it was unfurnished, so that he could not take me in.

With the exception of the tarpaulins, the seats, and the tiller, the boat was unfurnished.

Here there were only two rooms, one for Buskin, the maid-servant, and the other unfurnished.

The house in Verdolay had five large rooms, stone-floored, and was unfurnished.

Now 102 was let out in lodgings, some furnished, some unfurnished.

The room was wide and unfurnished, with a fire blazing on the hearth.

I could get an unfurnished room, if I'd the money to furnish it.