Adorned [adjective]

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There, he adorned her naked body in the necklaces they’d unearthed on the dig.

Small images of global landmarks adorned the spine and caught my eye.

Electron microscopy images of a sample from one patient revealed what look like intact virus particles adorned with a crown of spike proteins, a distinctive feature of coronaviruses.

For this year’s Cranes and Colors theme, 1,000 paper cranes will adorn the 13-foot-tall tree that resides indoors, in the Grand Gallery.

In Milford, the Mispillion Riverwalk is adorned with 18 model boats based on the Augusta, the yacht built at the Vinyard Shipyard in 1927.

The room is littered with notes from yesterday’s late-night meeting, and the walls still adorned with sheets of paper listing goals from the past administration … which Cramblit says he just hasn’t gotten around to taking down.

Rouen is interesting for its antiquities, including several venerable and richly adorned Churches which I had no time to visit.

Beds, in those days, were warmed with copper warming pans, and nightcaps adorned the slumbering heads of both sexes.

Many of these like German pipes are made of porcelain, adorned with portraits (p. 149) and landscapes.

In the courts of princes and wealthy natives the vessels and tubes are lavishly adorned with precious metals.