Wrapped [adjective]

Definition of Wrapped:


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Sentence/Example of Wrapped:

I endeavoured to obtain sight of him, but he was so wrapped and clothed that I did not succeed.

It wasn't like him to be wrapped up in himself and to talk about dustbins.

Send them to table hot, wrapped in the folds of a napkin that has been heated.

If wrapped in paste, it will not be done in less than five hours.

Wrapped in a thick cloth, this cake will keep soft for a week.

He tore his chiton from top to bottom and wrapped it about his mouth and nose.

The meat was wrapped in packages, so that it might all be transported to the cabin.

They had wrapped the links of the chain in grass and leaves, so that no clanking was heard.

He saw her lying in an open coffin, wrapped in a white shroud.

He had wrapped it hastily in a piece of paper, and pinned it to the leaf.