Infernal [adjective]

Definition of Infernal:

damned; underworld

Synonyms of Infernal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infernal:

Sentence/Example of Infernal:

You as a resident in this infernal hole can doubtless suggest a suitable spot for the meeting.

Again, the big howitzers led the infernal orchestra pitting the face of no man's land with jet black blotches.

Sebastopol was evacuated last night after enduring, for three days, an infernal fire of shot and shell.

Not exactly, except that I heard my stepfather denounce the doctor as an infernal cur and blackguard.

"You infernal villain, if you don't surrender, I'll blow your brains out," hissed his lordship.

The officers said "No, they did not allow any body to have anything to say to these infernal Union-shriekers."

Then, why pass over the gleam of infernal joy that lights his face after the whole is over?

Anyhow, you'll take the infernal fellow away now and never bring him here again.

In any case the walls of St. Denis Abbey are a sure rampart against infernal power, and what is more to be dreaded, mark you!

"And there's that infernal coward of a ranchero," cried Coronado, as the runaway sentry sneaked back to the group.