Stumbling [verb]

Definition of Stumbling:

slip, stagger

Synonyms of Stumbling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stumbling:

Sentence/Example of Stumbling:

Von Horn was really the only stumbling block in Bududreen's path.

One of the horses lunged forward, stumbling in a badger hole.

"I'm talkin' blether," she said, stumbling over a stone in the road.

What was this thing that pushed him, stumbling, along through the dark?

He now had to carry the flag, and hold her round the waist to prevent her from stumbling.

Tom had gotten to his feet and was stumbling toward the force area.

Why was she stumbling about amongst the rubble and catching her dress in brambles and burrs?

She interrupted one of his blundering, stumbling sentences in the middle.

Then he went out of the house, staggering, stumbling, bent almost double.

It was only just here that he struck her the least bit as stumbling.