Topple [verb]

Definition of Topple:

fall or knock over; overthrow

Synonyms of Topple:

Opposite/Antonyms of Topple:

Sentence/Example of Topple:

It will topple down; it will come to ruin; it will wreck everything.

It had only to topple forward in order to plunge down the cañon wall.

He lost his balance, threw up his hands and began to topple.

The feather-dustery that had been a monument was about to topple into the weeds.

To have got thus far, and then, by his own action, topple himself down!

He saw men clutch at their throats and topple from the saddle.

Others were propped up on its edges, as if about to topple in.

Mac, when liberated, rose at once, only to topple over on his head.

As it moved its body its head bobbled as though it were about to topple off.

He fully expected the palace to topple down, for that was what he had asked for.