Wallow [verb]

Definition of Wallow:

slosh around in

Synonyms of Wallow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wallow:

Sentence/Example of Wallow:

She had to wallow in filth instead of having flowers all about her.

He grabbed the groveling butcher and hoisted him from his wallow.

And then they laid him down in the rain-water which had gathered in the wallow.

To wallow in such a wave of happiness had never been his before, was never to be his again.

It irks them that humanity should wallow in its ignorance and blindness.

Mayo toiled in the wallow of black water till his muscles ached.

They have plenty to eat, plenty to drink, and plenty of mud in which to wallow.

Sometimes he alone had charge of them, and took them out to graze and to wallow.

One day Gulab took out the buffaloes to graze and to wallow.

Yet we—we have left them to wallow in the mire of their cannibal abominations.