Bungling [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bungling:

And when ordinary fellows like you and me attempt to cope with their idiosyncrasies the result is bungling.

The fact was plain; it was a bungling job and better proved the Red Fox's guilt.

The mildest noise they make reminds you of the filing of a saw with a bungling mechanic dragging the file on the back stroke.

She took another bungling stitch in the petal of a white floss daisy.

The Queen is a connoisseur in these matters, and there must be no bungling.

He really appeared quite bungling when I knew all he was about.

This bungling, barefaced attempt to destroy the steamer touched Mayo's pride as deeply as it stirred his wrath.

I must see my doctor again to-day, of whose bungling I begin to tire.

He executed the order without bungling, and returning stood before her, tendering the key.

With the two, we shall be very unlucky or very bungling if we do not enlist her in our cause.