Amateurish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Amateurish:

"That's only amateurish and besides reprehensible," said the Tennessee Shad.

The sheet was small, four pages, often filled with plate matter, and the original matter was set in the most amateurish manner.

Peter contributed to it in his amateurish way and watched with solicitude the effect of his care and the fortune of his hints.

The police said it seemed to be a rather amateurish job, although whoever did it certainly succeeded in neutralizing the alarms.

Ricky had pulled out a microscopic bit of handkerchief and was dabbing at the blood in an amateurish way.

We are not surprised that many persons are becoming rather disgusted with our little amateurish attempts at Winter.

But he realized that his amateurish knowledge of the game would be an affront to those free-moving sons of the mesa.

The Belden fans jeered his amateurish efforts, and shouted encouragement to the circling Hogan.

They may have other interests, but most of these interests are quite amateurish.

There is nothing amateurish or journalistic about his communications from the front.