Coordinated [verb]

Definition of Coordinated:

match, relate

Synonyms of Coordinated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Coordinated:

Sentence/Example of Coordinated:

Donnaught whisked out and primed a paralyzer in a single coordinated movement.

But the way in which they are combined and coordinated about certain basic principles is peculiar to the girl scouts.

They were issued from time to time, and collectively give a large but not a coordinated body of fact.

Gently lower a recently hatched bird into water: coordinated movements of the limbs follow in rhythmical sequence.

You will find that your whole muscular and nervous system will need to be coordinated and harmonized.

They have to be employed in coordinated conjunction with one another to be actual means, or habits.

It may be sublimated—that is, become a factor coordinated intelligently with others in a continuing course of action.

Or is the garage simply a means by which a divided body of activities is redintegrated or coordinated?

These are respirations seen in one who has lost the normal coordinated central control of respiration.

In a second series of readings we have two coordinated clauses, the children executing two consecutive actions instead of one.