Mesh [noun]

Definition of Mesh:

netting, entanglement

Synonyms of Mesh:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mesh:

Sentence/Example of Mesh:

By pressing tightly against the mesh Bentley could see the headlines.

By the very strength of her nature she was caught in the mesh of Diana's scheme.

The engine hit at once and Stan slammed the gears into mesh.

Be careful not to take one mesh out, until you have completed the next row.

You must have two skeins of second sized silk, and a No. 10 mesh.

Net the first row plain, having the silk round the mesh twice.

"I were seein' some footin' o' foxes on the mesh," he explained.

I saw that the mesh of wires, disks and a helmet were on Jane….

From every mesh in the social web, he can disentangle a grace.

The mesh or ground is, again, quite different to other laces.