Tracery [noun]

Definition of Tracery:

mesh, trellis

Synonyms of Tracery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tracery:


Sentence/Example of Tracery:

The roof is battlemented, and the tracery in the windows is graceful.

The tracery is geometrical, and the shafts in the angles of the splays are banded.

It is of an octangular shape, and the outside is adorned by tracery work.

In the tracery beneath, at the head of the mullion, was a statue.

They were evidently not wholly made for the tracery, though parts of them may have been.

He described the tracery as the most beautiful in the county.

Some of these elegant little pots are overlaid with a tracery of silver.

Against the blue sky a tracery of delicate green was showing.

The lines of the tracery are lost, and one sees only spots of white.

Early windows had, of course, no tracery properly so called.