Filigree [noun]

Definition of Filigree:

ornamental art

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Sentence/Example of Filigree:

First a thin film of black carbon is produced round the metal, then the latter appears in the form of a filigree of silver.

Fig. 188 represents another specimen of Etruscan gold filigree work with a circle and Swastika.

It is ornamented on the outside with the fine gold filigree work peculiar to the best Etruscan art.

Byzantine filigree work occasionally has small stones set amongst the curves or knots.

But, with the exception of chains, it cannot be said that filigree work was much practised by them.

But the feathers and petals of modern Italian filigree are not seen in these ancient designs.

Instances occur, but only rarely, in which filigree devices in wire are self-supporting and not applied to metal plates.

Silver filigree brooches and buttons are also made in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Pair of ear-rings, from a grave at Cyme in Aeolis, with filigree work and pendant Erotes.

Medallion ornament with repouss head of Dionysos and filigree work.