Knot [noun]

Definition of Knot:

bow, loop

Synonyms of Knot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Knot:

Sentence/Example of Knot:

Cotton and leather boot laces are simply no match for paracord’s breaking strength, high knot strength, or durability, then or now.

Vortex helicity has long been defined as the total number of links and knots in a vortex or in a connected group of vortices.

If such a fluid existed, then no matter what changes a vortex or group of linked vortices in the fluid went through, the number of links and knots would add up to the same number.

In the season 7 finale, George and Susan were finally tying the knot and George’s wallet was taking a beating.

The rules predict only the relative strength of each knot — that is, whether one knot is stronger than another.

At the head they insert a bamboo knot, with its point well sharpened into two edges.

This is called the "Investiture of the Top-knot," and is always attended by solemn ceremonies.

In accordance with that statement, he had decided that on the next day his son should be formally "invested" with the top-knot.

He went down the road, collected his little knot of listeners, and began the Song of the Girl.

I asked sharply, and MacRae flung the same query over one shoulder as he fumbled at the tight-drawn latigo-knot.