Snag [noun]

Definition of Snag:

complication in situation

Synonyms of Snag:

Opposite/Antonyms of Snag:

Sentence/Example of Snag:

We also paused to look at the body of a dead alligator which had been caught in a snag.

Then I had to look at the river mighty quick, because there was a snag in the fairway.

If we'd struck a snag that would have held the tree, it would have been 'good-night' for us.

The only snag in the latter theory was the fact of our accident.

They were always to be seen lying on a log or snag in the water.

The line clung to a snag and then gave way; the tackle was missing.

He can get around all right, but he can't get far, and there is no rope to snag him.

Well, you ran against a snag that time, Mr. Sanguinary Stingaree!

You can make it up by helpin' me when I run against a snag, in my studies.

But I strike a snag there, for Alsina has not been so boneless as I anticipated.