Uncomplicated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Uncomplicated:

To his uncomplicated nature the affair was still one of tit for tat.

As uncomplicated injuries, these wounds were little to be feared.

Alix's nature was uncomplicated by any consciousness of self.

And your man of achievement is pretty apt to be an uncomplicated human.

Lee wasn't materially, patiently, sensual in that uncomplicated manner.

"Your world is such a simple, uncomplicated place, General," said Paul slowly.

Like the chicken crossing the road, that was how simple and uncomplicated Robb's life had been.

The wheeze was, in a sense, straightforward and uncomplicated.

But you must remember that the system on this planet is anything but uncomplicated.

No; the little mermaid's problem was a simple and uncomplicated one.