Unrepressed [adjective]

Definition of Unrepressed:

free and easy; without restraint

Opposite/Antonyms of Unrepressed:

Sentence/Example of Unrepressed:

Only little Pete Skidmore was unrepressed by the gravity of the situation.

"That's it, Joan," cried Jupp, unrepressed by the girl's contempt.

The ever growing murmurs of discontent gave place to cries for vengeance and unrepressed acts of hostility.

Do you expect me to believe that that bold libertine, who made you the object of his unrepressed admiration, was your father?

"You will have another tale to tell later on," returns he, gazing with unrepressed admiration at her charming face.

Unrepressed violent crimes lead to the retaliatory butchery of vigilance committees.

Briefly stated, my thesis is that we sleep in order to dream and to be for a number of hours our simpler and unrepressed selves.

Ralph, greatly excited, regained his original stand of survey, and with feelings of unrepressed horror beheld the catastrophe.

With a laugh of unrepressed scorn, the Abbot started away, leaving me confounded and almost petrified at his conduct.

He discussed with great good sense the causes and consequences of this unrepressed insurrection.