Stretching [verb]

Definition of Stretching:

extend, elongate

Synonyms of Stretching:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stretching:

Sentence/Example of Stretching:

"Then give me mine," cries the critic, stretching out his palm.

He came out, stretching his great arms lazily over his head.

And stretching forth his arm, he barred the path with his mighty spear.

"That we do both," said Peter, and stretching out his hand he took that of Castell.

"Guess I'll be turnin' in," he volunteered affably, yawning and stretching.

All the branches seemed to be stretching out their flowers to me.

The giraffe's neck is long because he is stretching towards heaven.

Nothing' he added, stretching out his hands, 'can paint my misery!

The other women were now stretching and getting ready to begin ironing.

It was heavy, rubbery, and elastic, stretching readily as he pulled it.