Crane [verb]

Definition of Crane:

extend, elongate

Synonyms of Crane:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crane:

Sentence/Example of Crane:

“Young cranes are inquisitive creatures and will sometimes eat things they should not eat,” the USGS’s Jessica Fitzpatrick wrote to me in an email.

If a couple prefers donations to a charity, then guests can give to charity, give nothing or give checks made out to the couple — which they can then donate, spend on themselves or fold into cranes.

They were essentially glorified cartoon inner tubes that were held aloft by cranes.

They’re launched by a custom-built crane that’s pointed downwind.

A huge string game-bag was slung over his back, and in an antelope's horn or a crane's bill bullets were carried.

They did so, and Crane looked up at the fat hardware man with eyes that were not quite so contemptuous.

"Ten thousand eight hundred," Crane's youth bid, desperately.

He went back to his hardware store and waited—waited for Crane and Keith to start their inevitable logging operations.

After long delays Crane and Keith made pretense of building camps and starting to log.

Crane and Keith were at the same interesting employment, but on a lesser scale.