Comprising [verb]

Definition of Comprising:

make up, consist of

Synonyms of Comprising:

Opposite/Antonyms of Comprising:

Sentence/Example of Comprising:

The Business Roundtable, a non-profit comprised of CEOs of major corporations, declared last year that it was changing its goal to focus on stakeholders.

This year more than ever, marketers need a robust view of their market and opportunities comprised of as much relevant, real-time consumer data as possible.

Broadcom has also committed not to enter into new agreements comprising such terms for a period of seven years.

Cloud also facilitates access to automation and AI tools, advances that drive performance in IT operations and network management and generate the data that comprise much of 5G’s intrinsic enterprise value.

The ’ four episodes are structurally different than their predecessors, each clocking in at 90 minutes long and covering three months at a time, rather than the rapid 45-minute slice-of-life snippets that comprise the bulk of the show.

All cultures, corporate or otherwise, are comprised of people.

Today, Mars has a very thin, dry atmosphere comprised almost entirely of carbon dioxide.

He sold accommodations for man and beast, the former comprising plenty of whiskey, the latter plenty of hay.

At Kotur he held a position of high strategic importance; and he commanded a considerable following, comprising some 2000 horse.

A beautiful series, comprising six volumes, square 16mo., with eight tinted Engravings in each volume.