Engross [verb]

Definition of Engross:

hold one's attention

Synonyms of Engross:

Opposite/Antonyms of Engross:

Sentence/Example of Engross:

The highest themes which can elevate or engross the mind of man claimed her profound and delighted reveries.

I stumbled to her side, half-blinded, stood looking down at the scene which seemed to engross her.

Besides, the immediate pressure of our adventurer's own affairs was such as exclusively to engross his attention.

I do not think that I am less impatient now than formerly to repossess—to entirely engross—my own treasured love.

The interests of a moment engross and captivate the passions, and kindle ardours which burn with incessant vigour.

She proceeded at once to do so, and Pierston remained in his seat regarding the operation, which seemed entirely to engross her.

This state (his own) demonstrates that the neutral nations did not entirely engross our navigation.

Her impression was that Mrs. Thrale was very vexatious in wishing to engross all his attention, which annoyed him much.

Extreme hunger seemed to engross the voracious animals, who darted at the imaginary prey with the rapidity of lightning.

Leontidas wanted to engross the whole power into his own hands, and to govern, by a small, but select number of his own creatures.