Subsidiary [adjective]

Definition of Subsidiary:

secondary, helpful

Synonyms of Subsidiary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subsidiary:

Sentence/Example of Subsidiary:

All the rest are important, but their importance is subsidiary.

All the other exercises and arrangements of the school are, in fact, preparatory and subsidiary to this.

And the motivity of sex is subsidiary to this: often directly antagonistic.

He made the most of it now, rolling it out with all sorts of subsidiary flourishes.

Here and there subsidiary bands were formed to "clean up the stragglers."

All this it is and does, or strives to do, but only as subsidiary to its true business and real aim.

It should not be employed as an end in itself, but only as subsidiary to other ends.

In the story of Adrian Landale, however, it plays but a subsidiary part.

A New England countess, a subsidiary figure, suggests d'Aurevilly.

Connected with these are a great number of subsidiary and protected states.