Appurtenant [adjective]

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Only pieces of land together with the appurtenant territorial waters are alienable parts of territory.

Waste land (it may be) is given in large quantities, but merely as appurtenant to the profitable core of the gift.

Common appendant, common appurtenant, common in gross, and common par cause de vicinage.

Has any of your readers met with, or heard of the second short line, appendant and appurtenant to the first?

Have the Dalbergs no ghost such as is appurtenant to all well-regulated royal families?

A right of pasture attached to land in the way we have described is said to be appendant or appurtenant to such land.

Appurtenant to the towns of Karanglan and Pantabangan are a few minor communities, among them Patakgao.

Water for irrigation is made appurtenant to the land irrigated.

Or again, why does a plot of arable reclaimed from the waste confer common appurtenant, and ancient arable common appendant?

Was this right appurtenant to the manor, or was it also appendant to a frank tenement in a particular vill?