Nucleus [noun]

Definition of Nucleus:

core; basis for something's

Synonyms of Nucleus:

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Sentence/Example of Nucleus:

The nucleus is the most important part of the cell, and governs its life.

The spores are globose or nearly so, with a large "nucleus" nearly filling the spore.

The whole plant is gelatinous, with the exception, occasionally, of the nucleus.

Let it be granted, however, that at first a nucleus of twelve hundred slaves is formed.

This collection will doubtless form the nucleus of a larger museum.

This was the nucleus of the fine collection which since 1812 has been included in the Palace of the Doges.

He laid it before her: she, Lancelot and James were to be the nucleus.

It was torpedo-shaped, or something with a nucleus, at each end of which was a tail.

Cytoplasm: the protoplasm of a cell exclusive of nucleus; the cell body.

I have a few line troops, but I want them as a nucleus for the force.