Implication [noun]

Definition of Implication:

association, suggestion

Synonyms of Implication:

Opposite/Antonyms of Implication:

Sentence/Example of Implication:

That has profound implications for people in California and, more fundamentally, how we manage infrastructure.

By implication, the believers are saying that these vaunted names will generate enormous returns on the 20% of earnings they’re keeping to grow the business.

The Northern Isles deployment confirmed their hypothesis, which could have implications for data centers on land.

Sitting in my own backyard one afternoon this summer, my wife and I talked through the implications of this looming American future.

Not to mention, the financial implications to you and your client.

Because I, at this moment, think if something were to happen, if there was another police-involved shooting, it’s on videotape or maybe not on videotape, and just seems to have some racial implications, I’d be surprised if we have games that Sunday.

This trend has expanded beyond marketplaces, with important implications for all advertisers.

Whether or not GPT-3 understands and uses language like we do, the mere fact that it is often good enough to fool us has fascinating—and potentially troubling—implications.

The findings, published in the medical journal GUT, have implications for identifying and treating cases, they said.

Still, she said, the ordeal had profound and long-lasting financial implications.