Incrimination [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Incrimination:

Of the remaining thirty-four there were nine whose testimony was directed to the incrimination of Mrs. Surratt.

He felt like a prisoner on the witness stand driven to save himself by incrimination of another.

Bbrarkk Jjoknyyegg Kekeke immediately took refuge in refusal to answer on grounds of self-incrimination.

So was another principal witness, who, however, might decline to testify because of the danger of self-incrimination.

The detective had an idea that Avice would be far from pleased at the possible incrimination of Kane Landon.

It is what the lawyers would describe as the most conspicuous instance of self-incrimination on record.

History does not record the result, beyond a cavilling incrimination about a diamond-headed cane.

In flying from Jane he fled from the self-incrimination she planted in him.

She knew well enough what that meant—incrimination in the eyes of the Government—trial, perhaps, and imprisonment.

He knew how the little green-eyed nurse was gloating over this second incrimination of Leerie.