Allegation [noun]

Definition of Allegation:

assertion placing blame

Synonyms of Allegation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Allegation:

Sentence/Example of Allegation:

They included allegations about supervisors and co-workers who grabbed women’s rear ends in freezers, pressed their genitalia against their bodies and demanded sex.

This weekend, the Union-Tribune reported the district attorney’s office was investigating allegations of embezzlement by Barrios, from a political club for which he served as treasurer.

It is also unclear whether the bribery allegations by PG&E are connected to the home sale between their employee and Singh.

The allegations did not come up publicly during Clarkson’s confirmation hearings last year.

Most of the allegations were tied to executive producers and senior managers, including Glavin, Leman and Norman, BuzzFeed News said.

Facebook could get into trouble if the allegations of political favouritism in India are proved true.

Similar allegations have appeared in legal claims in recent months from contractors who said city managers rushed through the building’s major renovations, triggering the attention of county air regulators.

Many of the allegations were ultimately dismissed and the assistant superintendent denied he’d done anything wrong.

In the end, many of the allegations against Carson and the other administrators were dismissed, records show.

Despite the fact Graham was cleared of wrongdoing, Moser amplified the allegation by referencing it in a voice message to thousands of potential voters and by disguising the true source of the calls.