Avowal [noun]

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The fact was, that Mr. Giles had not at first been able to bring his mind to the avowal, that he had only shot a boy.

It was several years after their acquaintance commenced before M. Roland made an avowal of his attachment.

"The time will come," said Winston dryly, to hide what he felt, for his comrade's simple avowal had been wonderfully eloquent.

Mr. Ripper's logic tended to the belief that he could not be punished if he stuck to the avowal of having seen nothing.

Somewhat confused by this humiliating avowal, Madame Bodard returned to her place at a faro-table.

Why did she come here to reawaken her desire for a life impossible after the avowal she was forced to make?

But do you not yourself see that you do the cause more harm than good by thus avowing your opinions when such avowal is useless?

But what troubled Maria Metz most was the child's frank avowal of vanity.

But you spoke—you said things to me that no one had ever said before, and then you forced my avowal from me.

He did not, however, as the expulsion of Peel might have resulted from the avowal.