Arraignment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Arraignment:

Under the force of this triple arraignment the outlaw leader dropped to his seat, staggered and silenced.

A tide of dull color had risen to Miss Reids face as she listened to Portias blunt arraignment.

And his face was white, his eyes burning, when at night he leaned forward to fling forth to his hearers his final arraignment.

The record of persecution during the first five years of the Kulturkampf is an appalling arraignment of its perpetrators.

Part of his arraignment was that not a decade had passed that the North had not persecuted the South on account of her slaves.

Firmstone's steady gaze never flinched, as Hartwell swept on with his arraignment.

Cassidy, who had been scowling in the face of this arraignment, suddenly gave vent to a croaking laugh of derision.

The answer to this formidable arraignment is: — First, the General of the Society cannot be an autocrat.

For this arraignment and defence (if defence it be) of Beethoven the present Editor wishes to assume entire responsibility.

An arraignment of the existing order of things such as she had not heard before was suggested here.