Summons [noun]

Definition of Summons:

legal call

Synonyms of Summons:

Opposite/Antonyms of Summons:


Sentence/Example of Summons:

Hold thyself in readiness to come down upon the first summons.

She had been summoned to the last meal of the day, but had forgotten the summons.

At last there was the summons to saddle, and Lauzanne was brought into the stall by Dixon.

She had obeyed my summons like a dog who remembered a former discipline.

Seth made no outcry; he knew what the summons meant, and he was content.

Tulp had also been aroused, and saddled my horse while I dressed, in response to the summons.

Yet they would not obey the summons of the king, to come and receive their punishment.

I said, as the approaching steps of Rachel were heard in answer to the summons.

Obedient to the summons and the little bell, the waistcoat appeared.

Four halberdiers who had answered the summons closed in upon me and laid hands on me.