Subpoena [noun]

Definition of Subpoena:

writ; writ summoning a witness to appear

Synonyms of Subpoena:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subpoena:


Sentence/Example of Subpoena:

Say, John, couldn't you subpoena a school of mackerel for me?

No one ever had so complete an alibi; I could subpoena half Westminster.

Then the judge asked, "Major Abbott, did you subpoena this witness?"

No wonder the Shakespeareans are eager to subpoena Ben Jonson's verses.

Then he puts his hand in his inside pocket, as if to get the subpoena.

I saw the subpoena given to him and his company, when they started.

He took a subpoena to serve on the old man as a last resource.

And you coulda knocked me over with a subpoena when he got out of it!

He had promised to subpoena the man for the trial, but that was all.

At last in his despair he hurled the subpoena at Serena's head.