Suspicion [noun]

Definition of Suspicion:


Opposite/Antonyms of Suspicion:

Sentence/Example of Suspicion:

Mrs. Van Geist fixed her niece with a sudden look of suspicion.

No suspicion or fear can be rightly directed toward our country.

At the same time there was not a suspicion of truculence or even repulse in his carriage.

There is some suspicion that the names have been interchanged.

In the meantime he will go home, and not a suspicion will be roused.

He had no suspicion as to the tragedy that lay between him and her.

Max had roused at the sound of Le Moyne's voice, not to suspicion, of course, but to memory.

The father must have had a suspicion of where the voice came from.

For all that, Andrew had no suspicion who it could have been.

And suspicion grew to certainty that she and Reid were lovers.