Dubiety [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dubiety:

There was no dubiety about the verdict of the Nationalist organizations opposed to Mr. Redmond.

And successively fall on to support Mannstein, as the one clear point in such dubiety.

Timeous and dubiety are bad, simply as not authorized by any but local usage.

David was now firmly convinced that he had once been wrecked on an island, while Oliver passed his days in dubiety.

Some deep-seated inner spirit of dubiety began to grope about and question and challenge.

He now saw dubiety on every face; an hour's work was marked out.

Richardson said that “a state of dubiety and suspense is ever accompanied with uneasiness.”

Mr. Jennings was in a state of great dubiety and consternation.

Their game is to be plastic under the fingers of chance; the faintest breath of dubiety can sway them.

But on this point I am agreed to consult Doctor Dubiety, and to be bound by his decision.