Dubiousness [noun]

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In the second strand of the book, he explores his life as an actor, and here the focus is not on rehashing his many achievements, but rather on the dubious nature of fame and on self-doubt.

The most compelling case for national greatness, if you’re playing that game, is that the country is ironically great, in that it started with dubious ideals but, fortunately, failed to realize them.

In some cases, right-leaning figures and news sites pushed the disinformation, as well as dubious websites and followers of bogus conspiracy theory QAnon.

Even in a plague, a company with a morally dubious track record has to be treated with great caution concerning its claims.

As the vote counts come in and vote shares shift, some “influencers”—people with many followers in the media and on social media—have been questioning, with dubious evidence, the results and the voting process in battleground states.

Diogenes eyed her with a dubiousness that soon became certainty.

I'll just keep on being puzzled quietly and without indicating the slightest magneto-ionic dubiousness, if you'd rather.

"I really fear sometimes that you cannot," he said, with a dubiousness approaching anger.

She could not accept a 'perhaps' that cast dubiousness on her disinterested championship.

I did not overlook the evils of constraint and the dubiousness as to the character of the master I should choose.