Keystone [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Keystone:

If this race is close, Pennsylvania is the keystone to victory for either party.

See how readily he gave the keystone of the whole situation to you.

She wore, just where they seemed to be needed,—as the keystone is needed in an arch,—a few fine gems.

It is not to be supposed that the change from the r keystone to the s keystone was instantaneous.

We will try to fit them first with a keystone which continues the curve of the outer arch, as at m.

The keystone to the whole system is the central office where the register or index of all criminals is kept for ready reference.

Now many of the Northern States, by 'personal liberty laws' and the like, had long been picking at that keystone.

He came of Scotch-English ancestry and while spending his youthful days in the Keystone state acquired a common school education.

For a few days it seemed as if the keystone of the arch of their ambition and pride had fallen and general ruin threatened.

The canon of Oak Creek is choked by a mass of rock, shaped like a keystone, and wedged into the jaws of the defile.