Cornerstone [noun]

Definition of Cornerstone:

vital element

Synonyms of Cornerstone:

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Sentence/Example of Cornerstone:

The bar has been a cornerstone of American culture from the very beginning.

A cornerstone of American elections has been the peaceful transition of power, but as research from the Transition Integrity Project and others underscores, there are multiple ways to contest an election.

Many of the cornerstones of the TV advertising calendar have been canceled or disrupted, and there’s nothing to fill the gap.

GM is already building a nearly 3-million-square-foot factory that will mass produce Ultium battery cells and packs, the cornerstone of the company’s strategy to bring those electric vehicles to market in the next three years.

Cook has turned the app store into the cornerstone of a services division that he set out to expand four years ago.

Our partnership with Google, for instance, has given us the technology and data security expertise that have formed the cornerstone of our digital transformation efforts.

Facebook has signed a lease for 730,000 square feet of space in midtown Manhattan at the Farley Building, the cornerstone of Vornado Realty Trust’s $2 billion redevelopment plan for the run-down neighborhood adjacent to New York’s Penn Station.

These hypothetical elementary particles are a cornerstone of theories of quantum gravity, which seek to unify Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity with quantum mechanics.

To lose our privileges would be to lose the very cornerstone of our liberty.

The Saratoga trunk is not the best cornerstone for the home: so much we may take for granted.