Launching [verb]

Definition of Launching:

send off

Synonyms of Launching:

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Sentence/Example of Launching:

That day marked distinctly Scattergood's launching on a greater body of water.

It is arrogance to think of launching out to serve the whole of India when I am hardly able to serve even my own family.

And this, alas—as the publisher pointed out—was a poor sort of preparation for the launching of the war-novel.

He agreed, and, launching our boat and throwing in two buckets of eggs, we pulled out.

Then came the work of putting the boat into shape, launching it, getting in the stores, and lastly the voyagers.

Not a soul did he encounter until he reached the beach, when he came upon two sailors, launching a rowing boat.

(b) Were the arrangements for manning and launching the boats on board the Titanic in case of emergency proper and sufficient?

The struggle continued fiercely during the following days, the Germans launching numerous attacks with compact masses of troops.

"Remington wants us to give up launching Dreadnoughts and launch babies instead," Burshort urged.

“The ways of life are straight like the grooves of launching,” said the man; and he took her by the hand.