Disclosing [verb]

Definition of Disclosing:

reveal, make public

Synonyms of Disclosing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disclosing:

Sentence/Example of Disclosing:

This romantic valley is enclosed on three sides by noble mountains, the fourth being open, and disclosing a full view of the sea.

If, however, one signs as agent without disclosing his principal, he is personally liable.

Shoji next are opened, disclosing often the dull green mosquito net hung from corner to corner of the low-ceiled sleeping rooms.

Julie picked up the battered box, disclosing the cake within crushed to a pancake.

Without disclosing my motives, I urge business: and at all events talk of setting out Thursday.

Edgar, still without disclosing himself to his father, counsels endurance, and Gloucester immediately agrees with him.

She accepts the counsel and takes Leir into her house without disclosing herself to him, and nurses him.

She tore the wrappings from the bowls, disclosing the rabbits and the chickens.

Noiselessly a section of it turned inward, disclosing a dark cavity.

A door opened in a green hillside, disclosing a porch which the nurse and her conductor entered.