Waving [verb]

Definition of Waving:

move back and forth; gesture

Synonyms of Waving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Waving:

Sentence/Example of Waving:

He added, with waving of his antennae eyebrows: "It was Helen's first opera."

"It is all there in there," waving her hand towards the hut.

Now—there stood the wall, there stood the ash-trees and their tops were waving to and fro.

The waving Step, is when the Foot, in moving, turns both inwards and outwards.

The Change of Positions is made two ways, either by springing, or waving.

Susan was waving it back and forth before her face, stirring the air to fragrance.

The corners were filled with them; the walls were waving with them.

He was waving his arms, beside himself, overflowing with the emotion of an artist.

The waving of the tree-tops is the billowy movement of a hidden delight.

They are waving their kerchiefs as though something were visible to them.'