Curl [noun]

Definition of Curl:

loop, ringlet, curve

Synonyms of Curl:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curl:


Sentence/Example of Curl:

Prose’s algorithm can match a user’s unique hair to one of more than 14,000 formulations of customized curl styling cream.

The way the teeth are designed, it doesn’t disrupt the curl in the process like other brushes.

Whether you have wavy hair, straight hair, curly hair, hair, it will expand your curl into an amazing texture.

I set-up my ring light, beat my face, put some gel in my chemo curls and facilitated my own photo shoot in the living room with my iPhone.

I wore a wig everyday which I loving named Ruby, her curls worked just as hard as I did!

The “Antebellum” star shared two selfies showing off her auburn red hair cut andgravity-defying curls.

As soon as they begin to curl a little, they are thrown upon large planks, and each single leaf is rolled together.

He was an apprentice to a wig and curl maker, when Whitefield attracted his attention, and he became a methodist preacher.

If we apply heat to this balance the greater expansion of the brass portion of its rim would cause the free ends to curl inward.

His cheek-bones were as high as those of the Indian, but his skin was lighter in color, and his hair had a tendency to curl.