Exposing [verb]

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Kids get exposed at school and spend the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s passing it around from one family gathering to another.

Find the smallest tiling that is “balanced,” such that the addition of the next tile is as likely to increase the number of exposed edges as it is to decrease it.

Then, the investigators waited to see which participants fell ill as they were exposed to the virus in their normal lives.

The outbreak began after a cleaner at a hotel used to isolate returned overseas travelers was exposed to the virus.

Which is awful, which means they were exposed to it and had to had to report it to us.

Our octagon exploration exposes the interplay between polygons, convexity, right angles and angle sums.

Overall, we find that value chains with the highest trade intensity and export concentration are more exposed to shocks than others.

He felt especially constrained because he potentially exposed to the virus when he treats covid-19 patients in the University of Virginia hospital.

Older people, and people with underlying conditions like diabetes and heart disease, might suffer the worst consequences if they are exposed to the virus during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Her team now suggests “that children, from an early age, must be exposed to handwriting and drawing activities in school.”