Unmask [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Unmask:

Him, his own high-born pupil was enabled to unmask, and his disgrace was visited on me.

I would stake my life upon it they will unmask Olivia at once.

He was intriguing in Havana—but how could we unmask him there?

It was impossible to unmask that man unless by a long and careful action.

In her proper person she is prodigal if she unmask her beauty to the moon.

"You will be a mystery to me even when you unmask," replied the mask gravely.

Come, unmask, I say, or I shall tell my guards to do it for you.

Mrs. S. I, too, have been blinded, but we will unmask the traitor between us.

I will unmask the man or the woman that has done me this injury.

Finally she tries to unmask him or to pull off his cloak, without success.