Sample [noun]

Definition of Sample:

example, model

Synonyms of Sample:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sample:


Sentence/Example of Sample:

They say the more yuh hurry the less yuh'll git along, an' that's a sample.

It may serve as a sample of his wool, for invariably it is home made.

Get from a wall-paper dealer a sample of a frieze for a papered room.

A trial will convince anyone—and you may have a sample bottle free by mail.

To this sample of a modern tribune I will add a specimen of a modern legislator.

With it went a sample of the ore and the bullet that had killed Pete.

My lawyer tells me, that every bale and every part of the bales must be equal to the sample.

And this was a sample of the carryings-on in the days of the old Keighley Show.

Calhoun drew a sample of blood from the insensitive area on Murgatroyd's flank.

Calhoun put the sample away and called Maril back and offered no explanation.