Exemplification [noun]

Definition of Exemplification:

case, situation

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Sentence/Example of Exemplification:

We have already seen an exemplification of this remark; and it is more strikingly illustrated in the present transaction.

He himself must be an exemplification of the saving health of God's countenance if he is to do good to others.

Of this, a striking exemplification occurs in the history of Mr. Gordon, Mr. Lewellin's early friend.

It is deeply seated in human nature, being, in fact, no other than an exemplification of the force of habit.

On reaching the mouth of St. Joseph's River (3d), a full exemplification of this striking effect of the lake action was exhibited.

No other country had been so fortunately situated for the exemplification of an unbroken and a National Church.

If this fact requires any further exemplification, we can find one on a large scale in the pages of Marx himself.

But the old principle remains in operation still, of which military leadership was only one special exemplification.

But here we have an exemplification of the old paradox of an irresistible force coming in contact with an immovable body.

The commonest exemplification of this is found in the circuitous transportation of goods, instances of which will be given later.