Hauteur [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hauteur:

L mesme il y a des arbres d'inestimable beaut en hauteur & grosseur.

"Thank you, Dr. Weirmarsh, but I cannot see that my private affairs are any concern of yours," she replied with some hauteur.

She received her guest's protest with the utmost hauteur, and when we left the altercation was still in progress.

Her hauteur and coquetry subdued most of her maternal sentiments.

She demanded rather than asked to see my mistress, with a hauteur born of the arctic snow.

Suzanne snatched away her hand, and the glance she gave her husband was one of venomous hauteur.

To assist him in his shop, he had a youth—age eighteen or nineteen—whom he treated with considerable hauteur.

Would it not have been possible to live in retirement without drawing upon himself the accusation of supercilious hauteur?

Her eyes met his in a quick surprise that was on the verge of hauteur.

"So much the better," said Mrs. Millar, again with a suspicion of hauteur in her voice.