Conceitedness [noun]

Definition of Conceitedness:

exaggerated self-opinion

Opposite/Antonyms of Conceitedness:

Sentence/Example of Conceitedness:

One that hath but little wit, and much self-conceitedness, and passion, will have a torrent of words for a drop of sense.

"I have not the conceitedness to think that you love me, Mademoiselle," said Cayrol, humbly.

Abuse not learning itself to lift you up with self-conceitedness against governors!

She gave a triumphant laugh, so naïve and full of ingenuous conceitedness that Gaga was overcome afresh with admiration.

Sally's conceitedness soared into the air and frowned down upon the faltering Gaga with something like scorn.

Is it not pride and self-conceitedness to think that your scribblings are worthy to be read?

The famousest apostates that ever I knew, were all men of notorious pride and self-conceitedness.