Egotism [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Egotism:

As regards money, from the moment I left Russia I have not ceased to reproach myself for my unfeeling egotism.

Is she more exempt from egotism, does she dislike others less, and has she fewer worldly affections?

To their last day Jenkins's clients went about, showed themselves, cheated the devouring egotism of the crowd.

He knew that the old man had no sentiments beyond egotism, and a family pride which mainly, if not entirely, sprang from it.

Compromise in small or great seemed cowardice, and there was no doubt a strain of egotism in his obstinacy.

He made the whole running with an ignorant egotism that caused my fingers to itch to box his ears.

Swamped as he was by hurt egotism, he did not fail to observe the peculiarity of her attitude.

Self-deception, egotism, cheap optimism—could they bring a man to this state of mind?

There is such a thing as race egotism as well as creature egotism, and a very good thing it is.

The earlier books had yielded nothing save a revelation of the writer's egotism.