Unreliability [noun]

Definition of Unreliability:

error, erroneousness

Synonyms of Unreliability:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unreliability:

Sentence/Example of Unreliability:

Roosevelt himself was much annoyed by this unreliability of the mob.

Who has not heard the lament about the unreliability of the senses?

All this was done to show the unreliability of circumstantial evidence.

These gave the horse the reputation of capriciousness and unreliability.

The Persian post is only exceeded in 167 unreliability by the Persian telegraph.

The resulting value for r was -24, with an unreliability of 186.

The unreliability of witness and testimony is due, in part, to this confusion.

The unreliability of rules is further explained by their rise from generalization.

He had had bitter experience of the cruelty and unreliability of the Indians in 1779 but had to go with them in 1780.

They were a warlike offshoot of the Hoonahs, and bore a bad reputation for treachery and unreliability.