Mutability [noun]

Definition of Mutability:

imbalance, inconstancy

Opposite/Antonyms of Mutability:

Sentence/Example of Mutability:

The question of the mutability of species was thus prominently raised.

It is interesting as giving his views on the mutability of species.

For Paul, as for all of us, the mutability of human affairs still existed.

But, as people have observed before, there is a mutability in human affairs.

Addy no longer railed at the impermanence and mutability of things.

What is “my theory” here, if not that of the mutability of species, or the theory of descent with modification?

To Judith this was a first revelation of the mutability of things on earth.

In his treatise on Fortune,Demetrius of Phalerum on mutability.

If we claim immortality, I think we must admit our mutability.

A single suspension of these laws would prove their mutability.