Shakiness [noun]

Definition of Shakiness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Shakiness:

Sentence/Example of Shakiness:

"I am your chief," he began, trying to master the shakiness of his voice.

The ink is faded and brown, the flourishes have the shakiness of age.

Rick spoke up, and he was surprised that there was no shakiness in his voice.

But he must have felt the shakiness of his answer afterwards.

The shakiness of his little raft dissuaded him, and he abandoned the idea.

"It is, it is," answered his friend, with just a touch of shakiness in his voice.

Twice Old Tarwater essayed to rise and go on, and each time, warned by his shakiness, sank back to recover more strength.

The least hesitation, the least doubt, the least shakiness even for the merest fraction of a second, may be fatal.

As soon as the worst of the shakiness passed out of his legs, Carhart rose.

What with that, and his difficulty to keep the pot boiling, and his general state of shakiness, Lee was older than his years.